The manga "Ruri Dragon," crafted by Masaoki Shindo, is set to resume in the fourteenth issue of this year's Weekly Shonen Jump, with an initial batch of five chapters released weekly. Transitioning to a digital format, the series will continue with bi-weekly releases on the Shonen Jump Plus platform beginning April 22nd.

Since its inception in June 2022, "Ruri Dragon" quickly captivated an audience. However, an unexpected pause in publication occurred in August of the same year due to the author's declining health.

Despite the hiatus, fan support for the limited chapters available persisted, as reflected in the series achieving ninth place in the "Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2024" rankings, a testament to its continued relevance and appeal.

The move to Shonen Jump Plus is an explicit strategy to alleviate the pressure of weekly chapter submissions for Shindo, signifying a commitment to maintain the quality of the manga while ensuring the health and well-being of its creator.


Ruri Aoki's life alters dramatically upon discovering her half-dragon heritage. This revelation propels her into a reality where daily high school routines are interspersed with the complexities of her newfound identity.

The ensuing narrative weaves through Ruri's efforts to balance typical teenage experiences with the chaos of her dragon abilities, ensuring an engaging tale of growth and self-discovery.

With the manga's upcoming chapters, readers can anticipate a refined blend of the ordinary and the extraordinary. Engage with "Ruri Dragon" as it unveils the evolving journey of Ruri Aoki, encouraging conversations and sharing amongst its audience.

Source: Oricon News

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