The storyline in the land of Wa was full of surprises and revelations and one of the most shocking in the universe of ONE PIECE it is represented by the true essence of the gom-gom fruit. On the skull dome, facing the Emperor Kaido, the protagonist displayed an ability that was immortalized in the new character from MJ Studio.

In reality, the devil fruit turned out to be a mythological zoo, specifically the sun god Nika, a character who seems to be connected to the legendary Joy Boy. Actual transformation into the god allowed Luffy to push his abilities to new limits and even to Grab a bolt of lightning thrown by the storm over Onigashimato hurl it at Kaido.

A scene that aroused strong reactions in the community, also considering the possible impact related to this power and that of the artists MJ Studio they wanted to show in the picture you can see at the bottom of the page. About 50 centimeters high, the statue has a hexagonal base where the Jolly Roger by Mugiwaradominated by an explosion caused by the giant lightning bolt acting as the central structure that Luffy is on.

Two versions of the figure will be available, namely Gear Fifth in white version and in red version. They will be launched in the third quarter of 2023 and will be sold at a price of €10.00 Price of 210 euros.

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