That Jojo was a hugely popular series in Japan has been known for years, long before David Productions launched his own animated adaptation and broke the bizarre news of these characters and their powers. But confirmation came recently, with theJOJO Lands releasePart 9 of Jojo's bizarre adventure.

Even before the publication of the first chapter in Ultra Jump Magazine, which was planned for mid-February, it was clear that Shueisha and the editors of his magazine had a lot on the project. Not surprisingly, many posters dedicated to Jojo have appeared in Harajuku, completely filling up some of the station's corridors. between these, there was also Jodio Joestarthe ninth protagonist of Jojo.

The release of the first chapter of The JOJOLands on Ultra Jump then attracted many other readers. But it was Record debut that of The JOJO Lands, as confirmed by the journal itself. In fact, just over a week after its release, Shueisha said she was forced to do reprints for Ultra Jump number 03-2023.

this is that fourth reboot in Ultra Jump history, so it's an almost unique case, and besides, the last time it happened was 11 years ago, in the 2012 issue, where Jojolion was on the cover. Essentially, since 2005, Hirohiko Araki has become a key element of Shueisha's magazine, Seinen.

Did you like the debut of the first chapter of Araki's manga? And have you seen The JOJO Lands booths?

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