The battle between Mugiwara and Tobiroppo continues to ignite the different levels of Onigashima Castle. While Luffy tries to regain his strength with the help of the Pirates of Hearts, his crew fights desperately against the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts. The clash ofAnime by ONE PIECE things are not going well for Sanji.

After witnessing the fight between Robin and Black Maria in ONE PIECE 1044, the anime focuses on other great fights. The first is the one that takes place in parallel in between Killer and Hawkins and Kidd and Big Mom. Thanks to his Devil Fruit's ability, Hawakins is able to regenerate any wound and soon Killer realizes that the wounds inflicted on his rival were actually inflicted on his captain. This puts Kidd well behind Yonko, although luckily Law is on his side as well.

Elsewhere the balance of the struggle between Sanji and Queen turns in favor of the latter thanks to the intervention of King, who seems to have incapacitated Marco. While the Mugiwara's cook tries to keep up with the two Tobiroppos, Chopper takes care of it Zorowhich he still is despite the powerful drug that should get him back in top shape unconscious.

Fighting in Onigashima ceases. The next episode of ONE PIECE is a special synopsis that will reveal that I best moments of the fight between Mugiwara and Tobiroppo.

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