The great wait Dragon Ball Super: Superhero, anime film that promised to revolutionize the franchise with a new graphic style and new protagonists has come to an end. Will the feature film, written by Akira Toriyama, make it to Japan three days after its debut?

As per the analysis of The Kogyo Tsushin, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero debuted at the top spot of the national box office. He recorded one record over the weekend of release 490 million tickets sold, for a profit of 670 million yen, just under five million euros at the current exchange rate. The anime film surpassed the Hollywood blockbuster Top Gun: Maverick and Shin Ultraman.

However, these spin-off numbers don't really match the forecasts. If Super Hero's premiere was more profitable than Broly's, the same cannot be said for the other days. The animated film released in 2018 in his It received 1 billion yen in revenue in the first three days. Dragon Ball Super: Broly is the highest-grossing film in the saga and one of the 20 highest-grossing souls of all time. In the meantime, here are unreleased images of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero characters from the official novel.

Continuing the comparison, the first three days at the box office of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero also inferior to Dragon Ball Z: The Battle of the Gods and The Resurrection of Ffrom the years 2013 and 2015.

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