Jim Starlin is one of the most famous American cartoonists. During his career, he brought the characters of Thanos and Adam Warlock to life and focused heavily on the galactic component of the Marvel Comics universe. As his fans know, the artist and screenwriter He never liked the current President of the United States, Donald Trump.

It was announced through the Hollywood Reporter that Jim Starlin was responsible for the Plunddo Tram, an evil character who appeared in "Dreadstar returns", a graphic novel created by Starlin and funded through a campaign on Kickstarter. So this year we're going to see this new villain, but one who is similar to a specific person.

As you can see on the cover below, Jim Starlin has decided to make his own villain, inspired by Donald Trump. This new cosmic villain is certainly not as creepy as Thanos from the Marvel Comics universe, but he is certainly the protagonist of a special choice. Among other things, the name Plunddo Tram is nothing more than an anagram of Donald Trump.

Starlin said, "After initially feeling hurt when I saw this pompous fool using my creation to fuel his childhood ego, it struck me that the leader of the free world of my country enjoys being with to compare to a murderer. " We actually remember that during one of his campaigns, Trump became the protagonist of an Avengers Endgame-inspired video in which the President took the place of Thanos. We remember it Starlin was the protagonist of Lucca Comics and Thanos' father granted an interview to Everyeye.

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