The anime protagonist of the spring 2022 season is undeniable Spy x family. The comedy managed to garner a huge following, which is to be expected given the success of Tatsuya Endo's manga of the same name. Already available on Crunchyroll, the 1x10 episode of Spy x Family features little Anya playing dodgeball with her companions.

The young telepath who was trained by Yor at the beginning of the episode wants to be the best at dodgeball at all costs in order to get a star. Likewise Damien Desmond aims to win over the star, only to eventually be considered a target of Operation Strix by his father, Donovan.

Before the game, the boy enthusiastically imagines various situations in which he will receive a spherical object and send it back to the sender. Sometime, in one of his fantasies, Damian is on the planet Namek from Dragon Ball Z and repels a ball of energy that appears to have launched from the fearsome Freeza. We can see pictures of Damian on planet Namek in @tweetDbsHypewho seems to have particularly enjoyed the scene.

A magnificent Spy x Family Easter egg dedicated to one of the most famous anime series of all time. It is now showing in Japanese cinemas Dragon Ball Super: Superheronew film in the franchise that breaks many box office records.

We leave you to the Spy x Family Yor cosplay shared by Shirogane.

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