The long-awaited battle between Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah finally began in chapter 72 of Dragon Ball Super. The two Saiyajins seem to be in trouble with the intergalactic hunter who bears the title "Strongest in the universe", but suddenly Vegeta seems to remember something about the Cerealians.

Since the Heeters seem to have successfully implemented their plan, the battle between the Z warriors and the avenger of the Cerealians has broken out on the planet. Although Goku and Vegeta trained intensely after completing the molo arc, that was Wish expressed by Granolah seems to have put it on a completely different level.

Granolah senses the presence of the two Saiyans and attacks him from a distance with a precision and speed never seen before. After a fatal blow to Goku, who could only get up thanks to a Senzu, the bounty hunter even reveals it thanks to his special eye he can see the weaknesses of his opponents and the blood flow.

When Vegeta hears these words and studies the morphology of the surroundings, he suddenly appears guess something. The Saiyan prince investigates the area and eventually finds the imprint of an oozaru's paw, a sign that members of the warrior race have passed through there.

Vegeta seems to realize that the Saiyans under Freeza's command did this Assault on the planet cerealwhose population was famous throughout the universe for their special eye skills. But was Vegeta born when his father, King Vegeta, gave the order to destroy the Cerealians? And if so, did it have something to do with this genocide?

In Chapter 73 of Dragon Ball Super, the prince may recall more information about Granolah and their race. By discovering the truth, the antagonist of this new Dragon Ball Super saga could change.

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