There sixth season of My Hero Academia prepares for the farewell, only two episodes are missing until the end of the show. However, the emotions that Studio BONES' animated adaptation will evoke among fans are still great.

Lady Nagant has been defeated, but Deku can't afford to celebrate because there is the i Idiots from All For One. The third to stand in his way is Dictator, a sneaky villain who uses civilians as puppets to protect himself from Izuku's attacks. To rescue an exhausted Deku, the aspiring heroes are Class 1-A.

Although her classmates interceded for her, Deku turns out to be hostile against them trying to expel them. The Yuei boys shouldn't approach him as All For One could strike again at any moment. However, Bakugo, Shoto, and the others don't want to be left out of Midoriya, and they do too to convince him by force.

After a brotherly battle in which each of the young heroes of My Hero Academia gives it their all, they become the class leader Iida finally manages to shake Izuku's hand. At this point, Bakugo takes an action that was thought unthinkable. The hero known as Dynamight apologizes to Deku for the treatment he had previously reserved for him.

In an intense and touching speech, Bakugo admits he's been acting like this ever since jealous of Izuku's noble and heroic soul, owned by him even though he didn't own One For All. Deku therefore surrenders to his companions' attempts and collapses in Kacchan's arms. Here is Bakugo's voice actor's commentary on the apology scene.

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