After completing the five-year Black Panther series, the author Ta-Nehisi Coates spoke about his time Marvel Comics. However, the author pointed out that this was well compensated, revealing that the US publisher could do more for the most popular and fertile artists.

Just a few months ago, writer and screenwriter Ed Brubaker, co-creator of Winter Soldier, complained that the best he had done for the series released on Disney + was a "thanks here or there". About these complaints those of Coates are addedwho said during an interview with Polygon that the compensation could be much higher.

β€œThere are people who make a living doing comics, and I wish Marvel could find better ways to compensate the creators who helped make Black Panther what it is today. I wish them too would find a good way to compensate the people who did this. " helped create Captain America. More specifically, they should find a way to compensate the author of the greatest winter soldier stories we've ever read. "

"Look, I had a lot of fun. Writing for Marvel was an amazing and terrible time at the same time. I owe you something, I love my editors, I've worked with great people.It wasn't nice at all. I don't like the way they treat the people who create them for them. "

Coates ended the interview by taking that further Defense of Ed Brubaker. ""Captain America's death was ridiculously good. I don't see what relationships will be like in the future, but as a creator, I think about it. They think about how people are treated, how companies treat their men. And I just don't like it. "

What do you think of Coates' words? On which side are you? Black Panther returns in 2021. In the meantime, Marvel has changed the Black Panther logo with the new series in mind.

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