The latest issue of V-Jump, Shueisha's monthly magazine, published a special biography of Goku detailing all of the canonical transformations he has achieved. However, the community immediately recognized that one of the best-known was sensationally missing from among them. The "controversy" arises Dragon ball

The transformation to Super Saiyan 2 was one of the most iconic of the Dragon Ball Z series, but apparently it wasn't for V-Jump never reached by Goku. This transformation was first exhibited by Gohan during the battle with the cell of the perfect being, and was also used by Goku during the battle with Majin Vegeta. But not for the Japanese magazine.

The last volume of the month published a biography of Goku that covers his entire story from childhood to final battles, including all the transformations used in combat in chronological order. However, as noted by Twitter user Cipher_DB among them Super Saiyan 2 is missing.

This shape has likely been omitted as it differs from the classic Super Saiyan For electric shock only this reveals itself around the aura and for the hair, which is slightly lifted by the gusts of energy. Even Akira Toriyama admitted during the production of Battle of the Gods that he had completely forgotten about this transformation, but it was very important for the purposes of the Dragon Ball Z storyline.

And what do you think of the question? Would Super Saiyan 2 be worth a mention even though it is little used by Goku? It was at this point that Goku first reached SSJ2 in Dragon Ball Z. Who is stronger between Goku and Jiren? Let's break down their levels in Dragon Ball Z.

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