Variety, the historic American weekly based in Hollywood, reported a few moments ago dizzying news which many find it hard to believe. Apparently in fact, Amazon would be working on a high-budget live-action adaptation of The Promised Neverland, the famous manga of Kaiu Shirai and Denmizu Posuka.

According to what Variety reported, the composition of the series should be in the hands of Maghan Malloy (The jungle book, Chef- The perfect recipe), while Rodney Rothman, former director and screenwriter of blockbusters Spider-Man - A new universe is 22 Jump Street, should deal with the direction of the series. Although the news may now be certain we will still have to wait for the official announcement of Amazon, which apparently could arrive in the coming weeks.

The Promised Neverland manga is nearing its end and a first live-action Japanese adaptation will hit theaters this December. In the last quarter of 2019 Kaiu Shirai promised important news related to his great work and, given the success of the series, this Hollywood remake could easily be one of these.

And what do you think of it? Are you curious to find out more? Let us know with a comment! Meanwhile, we take this opportunity to remind you that the anime of The Promised Neverland is currently available on Netflix and VVVVID and that a second season will be distributed in 2021.

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