In contrast to Boruto, who has always claimed that he does not want to follow his father's path, has repeatedly repeated since the beginning of the Sarada series that he wants to become the future Hokage, the first village chief to be named Uchiha. However, to make this dream come true, Sasuke's daughter has to work hard.

Amazed by Kawaki's strength and the progress of Boruto, who is slowly learning to master karma and has learned several jutsu based on the art of lightning, she expressly stated in an interview with Mitsuki Sarada that on the contrary, she does not want to be left behind overcome both friends at all costs. At home she asked her father Sasuke to do thisTeach her a new right, one of the most famous of the entire work, the Chidori.

During the new episode of Boruto, young Kunoichi's training has finally started. Sasuke took his daughter to a waterfall and wanted her to admire as much as she did Millefalchi can be powerfulbut just as difficult to master. To use the chidori you need a high speed of movement and an immense amount of chakra. By concentrating these two elements on a single point, the speed of the stroke creates a unique sound that resembles the screeching of a thousand hawks.

Sasuke remembers that this Justu was taught to him by Master Kakashi and that I mastered it, which required several days of intensive training. However, Sarada proves itself deserves the name Uchiha and of the promise she made: to become Hokage. In a few hours, thanks to his two-volume Sharingan, he learns the Chidori and uses them perfectly.

Sarada will be able to overcome his father, Boruto and his dream come true? In the meantime, here's the Boruto 201 promo and some previews of the next Boruto episodes.

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