FilmarksJapan's largest Tokyo-based review service recently released three new rankings indicating what is considered that best anime series of spring 2021 by fan votes. Without too many surprises at the top of the leaderboard, there are two very important souls, but luckily there are underdogs.

The three rankings were each created on the basis of the "satisfaction level" given by fans with a rating of one to five stars, "number of ratings" and "number of comments". The numbers that you see in the first two rankings next to the name of the anime series represent the average of the votes of the users and the number of reviews registered on the portal. The ranking was created with a survey started in May 2021.

Best Spring Anime by Average Rating

  1. Fruit basket 3 (4.37 / 5)
  2. My Hero Academia 5 (4.37 / 5)
  3. Kingdom 3 (4.14 / 5)
  4. Zombie Land Saga Revenge (4,099 / 5)
  5. Moriarty the Patriot (4,098 / 5)

Top rated spring anime

  1. The way of the apron (1414 positive reviews)
  2. Tokyo Revengers (1233)
  3. My Hero Academia 5 (815)
  4. For your eternity (610)
  5. ODDTAXI (372)

Most commented on spring anime

  1. For your eternity
  2. My Hero Academia 5
  3. SSSS.Dynazenon
  4. Tokyo Revengers
  5. Super Cub

As you can see, My Hero Academia 5 continues to be the most enduring series on all fronts To Your Eternity and Tokyo Revengers are undoubtedly the biggest surprises of the season. The ranking is not that different from last March, when the Japanese public saw the best spring series My Hero Academia 5 and Fruits Basket 3 as possible.

And what do you think? What's your favorite anime series this season? Tell us in the comments! In the meantime, we remind you that My Hero Academia 5 will return tomorrow, May 29, 2021, with episode number 10, the penultimate of the current narrative arc.

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