Hajime Isayama's foreman, The attack of the giants, is one of the most popular and important titles of the last 20 years, thanks to a success with few equals and a community of the largest. In addition, every now and then real strokes of genius appear on the Internet that can leave anyone speechless.

Not only are there geniuses who reconstruct the entire Shiganshina district on a 1: 1 scale on Minecraft, but there are also independent animators who occasionally perform personal tricks. That of the digital artist Masashi Imagawa There is something sensational about it though: the animator actually added a one-minute clip about The Attack of the Giants at the top of the page.

His work therefore focused on an original scene in which the Giant beast while two members of the research corps rush to the front. The dynamics of the three-dimensional movements, the graphic effects of the transformation, the magnificent background are all elements that keep fans in suspense who want to see live action with the same quality. In response to the video, one user adds: "I wouldn't mind watching a live action anime of this quality".

And you, what do you think of this clip instead, do you like the work of Imagawas? Please let us know with a comment below, but not before you've seen how many fixes it has made MAP study for the home video edition of The Attack of the Giants 4 Part 1.

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