Although not as much discussed as before, the series One hit man will continue to be followed and appreciated by many readers and fans, from whom I choose to dress the role of the heroes or monsters, created by One and perfected by the style of Yusuke Murata, with spectacular cosplay.

In anticipation of who will play the role of Saitama in the live action produced by Sony and inspired by the series, the artist known on Instagram and social media as @missbricosplay has decided to dedicate a special cosplay to the protagonist. As you can see in the post at the end of the news, this is the case a somewhat faithful interpretation of the original Saitama designif we exclude the lack of the lower part of his iconic yellow overalls, complete with red gloves and boots and a white cape.

The Poses at the end of the clip Give this special cosplay character what Genos, the cyborg co-star and student of Saitama, as well as one of the most promising heroes who will be part of the association, will surely appreciate. What do you think of this beautiful homage to one of the most famous and powerful protagonists of modern times? Let us know with a comment below.

Remember, Murata posted an exclusive image on social media for chapter 139 and we're going to let you find out who would win in a clash between Goku and Saitama.

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A contribution from bri 🌙🦦 (@missbricosplay)

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