Vegeta is finally back to what it used to be. For the first time in a long time, the Saiyan was able to express his true “I” and let himself be overwhelmed by emotions that he probably hadn’t felt since transforming into Majin Vegeta. Here are the similarities between the “old” Vegeta and the current one from Dragonball Super.

After the defeat of Kakarot, Vegeta was able to face the “strongest warrior in the universe”. However, as we saw in the battle between Granolah and Goku, this title is not the fruit of the imagination. The cerealiano, thanks in part to the inattention of a rival, is freed from Ultra Instinct with a single well-placed shot.

Although Vegeta fights to the best of his ability and uses the Hakai that he learned during his time at Beerus’ side, Granolah is simply faster and more powerful. However, this lack of power was compensated by the tactic.

Vegeta provokes and tells the enemy to destroy the ruins of the city of Cereal and is hit repeatedly until he receives a fatal blow. But instead of falling like Goku, the Saiyan prince breaks out into a thundering laugh. “That feeling … It’s been centuries. There is no planet to protect, no person to save. Just me in battle. My happy place. Just the thing to pump the blood of a mad Saiyan into life. Fight”.

The last time Vegeta achieved that state of mind it was when he challenged Goku, who was imbued with the evil energy of Babidi. During the Dragon Ball Z Buu saga, Vegeta actually drew new energy from the remaining evil in his heart and transformed into Majin Vegeta. Just like back then, Vegeta gave up his “me” in Chapter 74 of Dragon Ball Super in order to find a new one himself.

We leave you with the Dragon Ball Super 75 release date and theories.

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