The story arc, set in the land of Wa, captivated readers ONE PIECE long engaged, and after numerous clashes that fueled the brutality of the Onigashima War, the conflict seems to have finally reached its terminal stage, as shown in Chapter 1050 available on Manga Plus.

Justified "to honorβ€œThe new appointment with Eiichiro Oda's manga begins with a brief update on the fall of Kaido from Onigashima into the magmatic core that exists beneath the island. While Yamato runs towards Luffy To help him, Toko and Yasuie spend a sweet moment reminiscing about the old days in the capital, where the festival is still held.

News of Luffy's victory over the tyrannical Kaido begins to spread, bringing relief and joy to the hearts of many allies and rebels who did not expect to be able to stop the power of two Emperors. However The Pirates of the Hundred Beasts are not giving up, and they decide to keep attacking. Earthquakes do occur and generally involve the resurgence of the underwater volcano that triggers an eruption that is also visible from the rest of the Wa country islands.

After a brief conversation with zunesha, Momonosuke, transformed into a dragon, leaves to calm the townsfolk by telling them that the outbreak represents Kaido's total defeat. The chapter concludes with the appearance of a large cloud of smoke Komurasaki and Denjiroready to introduce Wano's new shogun.

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