In the first phase of the war between heroes and villains of My hero academy, Horikoshi addressed one of the most popular problems among fans, showing Shoto against Villain Dabi. News of the end of their fight also reached Endeavor, who was involved in one of the most challenging fights of his entire career as a pro hero.

In addition to falcons, Make an effortHe's actually ready to take on the show's worst villain head-on. All For One is back in action, but thanks to the documents and material Stain collected during his imprisonment in Tartarus, the heroes are aware of All For One's main weakness, which is his mask.

Indeed, as Hawks explains in the first tables Chapter 354, available on Manga Plus, without this external support the antagonist could not live. Considering the strategies that need to be implemented to make the most of the data obtained, he along with Blue Jeanist Hawks decide that he and the Number One will deal with the enemy.

A choice that takes readers back to the present, where the two heroes try to break through the opponent's defenses with attacks and combos. All For One maintains an enviable calm, provoking Hawks and Endeavor. The irritating mind game leads Enji to act impulsively by throwing himself at the villain who manages to cut off his right arm.

If the situation seems to be getting worse, Hawks is joined by Fumikage and Kyoka. The two decide to remain at Pro Hero's side, and judging by Kyoka's witty quip in response to All For One's umpteenth provocation, it promises to be quite an interesting trio.

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