While Izuku Midoriya deals with Tomura Shigaraki, the task of keeping All For One in check has so far been taken on by Hawks, later assisted by students of Shiketsu and his student Fumikage Tokoyami. However, it will be an underdog to stop the evil king's plan My Hero Academy.

Kohei Horikoshi's manga series is at a crossroads. All For One is determined to reclaim Tomura Shigaraki's body, who meanwhile faces Deku in a fight currently put aside by the author. If the symbol of fear succeeded, the heroes would lose this war as well, and the heroes' society would definitely collapse.

In My Hero Academia 382, ​​the situation suddenly changes. Tokoyami can no longer contain the power of All For One, who, even younger than before, manages to break free of Dark Shadow's grip and run away. This delicate circumstance continues to aggravate with theArrival of reinforcements for the villain.

Somehow, Gigantomachy managed to free himself and rush to the aid of his former master. However, the situation is not as it seems because suddenly the colossal villain starts attacking All For One. Why is Machia rebelling?

The revolt of Gigantomachia will take shape in My Hero Academia 383, but what happened has already been explained to readers. On the villain's head are Red Riot and hidden Hitoshi Shinsowhich he achieved through his speech synthesis device to replicate the hue of Tomura Shigaraki and subdue GigantomachiTo. Will an underrated Shinso lead the heroes to victory on this battlefield?

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