After the Endeavor Agency Arc hits its zenith, we'll explore the sad story of the Todoroki family, the next part of My hero academy will focus on the pasts of two great friends, high school teachers Yuei Eraserhead and Present Mic.

Before we venture into the much-anticipated My Villain Academia, Season 5 episode 19 is going to take us to something very dark. As can be seen from the episode thumbnails shared by Twitter user @ Atsushi101X, Professors are Aizawa and Hizashi united by a terrible pain.

As we all know, the two are good friends: they used to go to the same school. Eraserhead and Present Mic were not a duo, but a trio. Next to them was a boy with white hair, a man by name Shirakumo. This mysterious character, who disappeared, is now about to suddenly return.

In the pictures at the end of the article we can see Eraserhead interrogates Kurogiri, a fundamental part of the Union of Villain. Although the professor tries to use his quirk against the criminal, his uniqueness does not go away. But Aizawa was not named to pick up Kurogiri's quirk. Apparently the villain is somehow related to Shirakumo, an old friend of Eraserhead and Present Mic who was long dead.

We remind you that the release of Episode 19 of My Hero Academia 5 a week of sledging due to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Here's the Todoroki family's dilemma in this My Hero Academia sketch.

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