More than thirty years after the debut of the original manga series, she has returned bastard!! - The dark god of the destroyer. However, this reimagining of the work does not seem to have fully conquered the fandom, according to which the Netflix anime does not respect the memory of the work.

An article was shared on the Japanese portal Myjitsu, highlighting that the fandom did not appreciate the bastard at all !! from Netflix. According to some, Warner Bros. Japan produced changed the title from Seinen to Shonen. But will it really be like this? Here's our bastard review!! Part 1.

Streamed on Netflix from June 30th, Bastard!! was overwhelmed by criticism, mainly focused on one aspect of the project. The first 13 episodes of the anime tell the story of a world plunged into chaos, ruled by magic and swords. To stop the resurrection of an ancient destroyer god, Dark Schneider, a great evil wizard from the past, is brought back to life.

What hasn't won fans over is Tia Noto Yoko's design, thevirgin heroine who Dark Schneider awakens for the first time thanks to her kiss. In this version of the work, the contours of the girl's affluent breasts protrude from the sides of her dress, but in the original depiction her design was far from that. For some, this choice was made to satisfy the early erotic fantasies of teenagers.

In summary, according to fans, the sex appeal of the female protagonists is the soul of Bastard!! is, but the Netflix series has distorted the work. It's likely that sexually explicit content would have sparked much worse controversy, and such a young production team wouldn't have been able to handle the situation. Bastard's second cour!! will he be able to avoid these quarrels?

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