Junji Ito: The master of horror presents the story Billions Alone with a beautiful video

One of the most established mangaka when it comes to horror stories, Junji Ito has returned to speak about it after collaborating with VizMedia to release a beautiful presentation video of Billions Alone, featured in his latest work, Venus In The Blind Spot.

As you can see in the post at the bottom of the page published by the official Viz account, it is Ito himself who introduces the viewers A first and brief look at the story in question, whose main theme is a series of disturbing murders and massacres in which the victims are found tied together, and to introduce him, shows Ito sewing two teddy bears together.

Next, the tables appear on the first pages of Billions Alone, where we see a class reunion where some students discuss the fact that this series of murders is taking place ever closer to the area they are in. Ito is famous for treating such problems in a unique wayEspecially, who create a perfect combination with his drawing style, which is characterized by perspective games, symbolism and great care for shades and details.

Recall that Junji Ito spoke about his work in a recent interview and we will leave you at the origin of his creative phase.

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