Many long-lived productions are often forced to insert numerous filler episodes within the television series, both to recover precious time and to increase the number of episodes of the anime. Obviously, too Dragon Ball Super he was subjected to a similar fate, with several episodes useless for narrative purposes.

It is not unusual that several teams behind the development of an anime are forced to create new episodes in a very short time to satisfy the will of the television broadcasters and investors, even at the cost of a drastic reduction in quality and not particularly exciting episodes. However, recently, a fan has divided the Dragon Ball Super series in such a way as to move the filler bets away from the canonical ones:

  • Battle of the Gods Saga: 1 to 14 stories;
  • Resurrection saga of "F": from 15 to 18 fillers, from 19 to 27 stories;
  • Universe 6 saga: from 28 to 41 stories, from 42 to 46 fillers;
  • Future Trunks Saga: from 47 to 51 stories, 52 fillers, from 53 to 67 stories and, finally, from 68 to 76 fillers;
  • Universe Survival Saga: from 77 to 86 history, from 87 to 90 fillers, from 91 to 131 history;

And you, instead, have found this guide useful to cover the anime waiting for news on Dragon Ball Super 2? Let us know, as usual, with a comment in the appropriate box below, but not before having taken a look at the new extraordinary line of action figures from the Banpresto house.

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