It has been going on for many years ONE PIECE, the Eiichiro Oda manga that is always opened with a story on the first page. These are called mini-adventures and show us in more or less detail a phase of the life of some characters or of particular situations.

Unfortunately these are never adapted in anime despite the importance. At the moment, in the ONE PIECE manga a mini adventure by Capone Bege is underway and his crew, set immediately after leaving Whole Cake Island. Bege has set foot in Dressrosa, now freed from the yoke of the Donquijote family, but some marines are on the scene. For various vicissitudes, his wife Chiffon will be kidnapped and by pure chance Laura will also be present.

After being released, the two got together and will surely have the opportunity to talk about Straw Hat that helped both of them on their journey. But in chapter 979 of ONE PIECE an additional element of this story has been added. Off Green Bit, the Tontattas find a drifting cake-shaped ship with a man on it. The man is clearly Pound, believed to have died during Whole Cake Island and who instead managed to escape no one knows how. Pound is the natural father of Laura and Chiffon and therefore could soon embrace the two daughters.

Pound also had to deal with Luffy and the reunited family could serve to cement Capone Bege's support to the Mugiwara crew in case of battle with the Blackbeard emperor. However, the fact remains that the man was believed to be dead and some fans have turned up their noses in seeing him alive, hoping that the same fate has not happened to other characters such as Pedro. Could Pound open up to new scenarios in ONE PIECE? For Nico Robin's family, however, there will be no meeting, given the latest details disclosed by Oda.

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