The DC Comics cinematic universe did not have the same luck as that of Marvel's rivals. After bringing iconic characters like Batman, Superman and Aquaman to the big screen, the latest films have also brought us Harley Quinn in the famous Suicide Squad is in the recent Birds of Prey (and the phantasmagoric rebirth of Harley Quinn).

At the same time, however the Harley Quinn character lives his story also in the comics universe of DC Comics. And even if readers have to deal with the slowdown in releases due to the Coronavirus, they will know they can enjoy the numbers on the former psychiatrist. However, this will still happen briefly given the latest announcement made by Sam Humphries.

The writer of the series has indeed revealed today via Twitter that the Harley Quinn number 75 will be the last for the character. The comic will then come to an end but it will do it in a big way since, as revealed by Humphries himself, this number will be much more substantial than usual and will see the participation of the likes of Sami Basri, Nicola Scott, Emanuela Lupacchino, Ramon Villalobos, Ngozi Ukazu, Joe Quinones and Riley Rossmo. Guillem March has instead prepared the cover that you can always see in the tweet below.

Humphries also says he is happy with the Harley Quinn story and where he will head after this surprise ending. In the final issue, Poison Ivy will also appear. Harley Quinn number 73 will arrive in June.

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