The Japanese are not afraid of Coronavirus and prove it once again. Not going to work, walking or activities of primary importance, but to go and buy a tankobon of the success of 2020, or Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. On May 13, the purchase of volume 20 of Demon Slayer was made available.

As you well know, in recent months i volumes of Demon Slayer went from selling from 500 thousand copies to three million of copies by volume. With the release of the new tankobon which will surely be snapped up quickly, especially as regards the special edition with free items, everyone rushed to buy it on the first day available.

Several Japanese have therefore immortalized the endless queues in front of bookstores like Tsutaya and other retailers to demonstrate how much fans of Demon Slayer are not afraid of the virus. In some stores, among other things, queues and checkouts have been used for those who want to buy only the manga in question, separating them from those who want to make other purchases in peace.

The Oricon site has already identified stock exhaustions for various shopkeepers despite the very high circulation prepared by Shueisha for Demon Slayer 20. In short, it seems that in Japan there is no Coronavirus fever but the fever for Demon Slayer. In Italy, on the other hand, the publication of Star Comics continues with the Demon Slayer Starter Pack, put on sale in the comics shops recently together with volume 7.

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