With Ultra Perfect Instinct, Goku has definitely become one of the strongest characters in the anime world. However, Naruto has a fundamental ability that the Saiyan lacks; will ever be successful learn in Dragon Ball Super?

In Dragon Ball, Super Goku can now even challenge the gods, but Naruto has something that the Saiyan doesn't have. The Seventh Hokage has the ability to do so thanks to his willpower and determination convince the antagonists of their mistakes. We could see it in the first series with Neji or Gaara, but also in Naruto: Shippuden during the fight with Pain. Goku has always resolved his fights by force, but for the first time with Molo, he has decided to act differently.

In chapter 65 of Dragon Ball Super, Goku attempted to use Naruto's infamous talk-no-jutsu. The results are however They were pretty disappointing. In fact, the Saiyan gave a long speech to the wizard and also gave him a senzu bean hoping for his redemption. ""Instead of eating planets and stealing life, you could have trained to get stronger. It's a real shame because I've never met a tough opponent like you. If I became a good guy I would love to fight you again. "

Molo, however does not accept the Saiyan fatherhood and after accepting the senzu, he returns to attack. The only way to stop the Planet Eater threat is to eliminate it once and for all. However, Molo's death could mean the destruction of the earth in Dragon Ball Super. Will Goku ever be able to use Naruto's most powerful technique?

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