Katsuki Bakugo's Blast Quirk is one of the most popular fans of My hero academia and perfectly reflects the aggressive and indescribable nature of the boy. However, its capabilities go far beyond mere explosions. We discover the secrets of the young student of Yuei High School.

To become professional heroes, UA High School grade 1-A boys had to push their limits and even fight their own quirks. Bakugo, in particular, has shown great strides, but since joining the academy the boy has shown a lot of control over one's abilities. For this very reason, fans tend to forget how dangerous Quirk's blast is.

First, the explosions created by its quirk are more dangerous than they seem. During the trial against All Might, Bakugo lends his grenadier bracelet to Midoriya, who is responsible for the backlash he sprains his arm. A direct hit from Bakugo can be downright painful, but it seems the boy himself is suffering from the effects too.

In contrast to Deku, who is seriously injured with One For All, the Explosion Quirk doesn't seem to have any impact on Bakugo. The devastating sound of the explosions should at least annoy the young hero, who doesn't seem to suffer any backlash. Additionally, the explosions are created by the sweat on his palms, but his hands appear to be free of scars or injuries.

Bakugo's quirk comes from the nitroglycerin contained in sweat. The more the boy sweats, the greater his strength should be. Hence the boy in cold climates he should not be able to activate his ability. This was debunked during the sports festival when Bakugo faced Shoto Todoroki, who mostly used ice quirk at the time.

Bakugo's sweat is his fuel, but in the course of Kohei Horikoshi's work we never saw the boy exhaust its resources. Katsuki trained hard to improve his quirk, but he definitely has to be a hot guy to sweat continuously.

The chemical in Bakugo's sweat in reality it would explode on the slightest impact. In theory, this quirk should be very unstable and cause accidental explosions. However, Bakugo has shown great control over its potential and has always used it with extra caution. Toga's bloodlust has reappeared in My Hero Academia. But a warning from Spinner in Chapter 288 of My Hero Academia could have anticipated his fate.

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