In the summer, Gohan will return to fight like he did in the days of the Cell saga Dragon Ball Super: Superheroin fact, he is given the role of defender. As he waits to see him fight, here he prepares for that great challenge in NC Collectibles' new collectible statue.

The collectible figure company has created a great piece dedicated to the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The subject of the statuette is Son Gohan Super Saiyan. After the events of Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power, Son Goku's eldest son dedicates his time to study. However, in the anime movie, he has to put on the combat suit.

According to official information from NC collectiblesthe resin figure is limited to only 100 pieces and in 1:6 scale. The statue features LEDs on the back, some interchangeable heads and detachable glasses. Shipping to Europe is expected at the end of the last quarter of 2022. The figure for this very rare piece is approx 304 euros approximately at the current exchange rate.

The statue is 31 centimeters high Son Gohan wears Piccolo's Combat Gi. Surrounded by its powerful aura, it is in the basic configuration, Basic with glasses or Super Saiyan. We leave you to the posters of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which represent the heroes and antagonists of the film.

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