Even if the work goes slowly now Berserk has become an icon in the manga world. For many years, Gatsu have struggled on the pages designed by Kentaro Miura and his collaborators. The ferocity of the protagonist, his huge broadsword the dragon slayers, the prosthetic arm with a crossbow and finally one of the newest additions, the armor.

The berserker's armor has become one of the defenses, but also one of the main weapons of Gatsu in Berserker. Despite the strong impact on the protagonist's body, this magical iron plate is now fundamental to Gatsu. While Berserk's chapter 362 manga seems to anticipate a brief revelation of its secrets, we see this in the real world with the making of Berserik props.

The cosplayer actually posted his photo on Instagram Cosplay of Gatsu wearing berserk armor and has the dragon slayer ready in his hands. The photo below shows the work carried out and shows the armor with the typical wolf head and red eyes, while the rest of the body is protected between gloves, back, breastplate, etc. In addition, given the perspective, the sword is it looks really huge like the one in the Berserk Manga.

Another cosplayer also devoted himself to Gatsu in armor with a cosplay.

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