After yesterday's teaser poster announcing a mysterious Spider-Man project, Marvel Comics has revealed the secret: next August, the House of Ideas will celebrate Spider-Man's 60th birthday with the release of an oversized celebratory one-shot titled Amazing Fantasy #1000.

"Spider-Man blows out sixty candles and we wanted to celebrate in style by inviting some of the world's most important creative minds to celebrate!says Marvel Editor Nick Lowe.

As promised, Amazing Fantasy #1000 will feature numerous comic book legends: The book will see Neil Gaiman return to the Marvel Universe; Armando Iannucci's Marvel debut; a story set in the future, starring Peter and MJ made by Dan Slott and Jim Cheung; the introduction of a new villain in a story by Michael Cho and Anthony Falcone; a horror story by Ho Che Anderson; and other stories by Rainbow Rowell, Jonathan Hickman, and other cartoonists.

The cover of the register, which we report on below, was designed by John Romita Jr.who recently returned as the lead designer on Amazing Spider-Man alongside screenwriter Zeb Wells. Amazing Fantasy #1000 will be released next August in the United States, but already next June American readers can read another commemorative edition dedicated to Spider-Man: here are all the details of Amazing Spider-Man 900.

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