It is available in English and Spanish on MangaPlus for free reading Chapter 71 of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations. Taken away by force from Konoha, Amado's life is in danger. Removing code's delimiters wasn't enough to save his life.

The new appointment with the work of Masashi Kishimoto and Mikio Ikemoto, whose cover is dedicated to the new form of code, begins with the heir of Isshiki Ootsutsuki, ready to take Amado's life. In a last ditch attempt, the scientist Eida draws attention to himself by saying so Kawaki is his ace up his sleeve.

The girl is interested in understanding these words, but Code seems willing to ignore them. Ready to strike again, he is stopped by Eida: however, Code has no intention of following his orders. At this point, Eida orders Daemon to intervene. As expected from the Boruto 71 spoilers, a low blow breaks the fragile alliance between the Kara.

Code, has become an obstacle for Eida. The girl actually intends to meet Kawaki and Konoha opened the doors for her. However, if you stay next to Code, it is called the Leaf's Enemy. She, who knows everything, therefore decides to break the coalition.

Code claims to love Eida and that she it only needs one rider: Daemon who opposes him is one too many. Therefore, the owner of the white karma starts the attack, which is well below the potential of Eida's little brother, despite the unlocked limiter.

Eventually code decides to do it escape with his Claw Marks. Eida warns him: her senrigan allows her to watch him even from a distance, and if he tries to enter again, he will be killed. But as Isshiki's heir, Code claims to continue his mission and become an Ootsutsuki.

Amado, start to confess the truth to Eida, but asks to be heard by the others present in Konoha as well. The group embarks on a journey. Boruto will be on hiatus and serialization of the manga will resume in August.

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