Among the characters of ONE PIECE that have penetrated the hearts of fans, Portuguese D. Ace, Luffy's brother and one of the commanders of the imposing Whitebeard fleet, occupies a prominent place. In fact, the well-known pirate is often honored with several original initiatives.

The death of Ace, along with the death of Edward Teach, was a pivotal event in the continuation of the narrative that served as the trigger for theLuffy's psychological development. In any case, the protagonist's brother is one of the idols of the audience, thanks largely to his extraordinary skills, later inherited by Sabo, the brother the two thought they had lost in the past.

About the, BT studio dedicated a magnificent scale model to the two characters in question, the same attachment at the bottom of the message depicting Ace in two different variations. The statuette with a base actually costs a little more than the one without a support, namely 170 or 125 euros. Depending on the variant chosen, the figure can already be pre-ordered for a deposit of 50 and 30 euros, with delivery expected in the last quarter of 2022.

And you instead, what do you think of this statuette, do you like it? Let us know with a comment below.

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