Lately the franchise of Hello Kitty has worked with several brands of Japanese animation, especially Mobile Suit Gundam. This time it's your turn Digimon: Digital monsterswho teamed up with Sanrio for a new artistic collection.

The Twitter user @aitaikimochi posted a first picture of it in his last postand shows the nice mix of Hello Kitty and Digimon characters. The products will be available in Ikebukuro's Chara Shop in Japan. only for two weeks from August 14th to 31st.

This collaboration is probably not driven by an animated accompanying series, Still, it would be interesting to see how these two worlds come to life in a common universe. Hello Kitty and the British clothing brand Dr. A few months ago, Martens announced the production of a new shoe line in the merchandising area, which was launched on March 6th.

The models presented are among the most varied, from classic ankle boots to sublime Oxford (very elegant shoes, typical for Great Britain) to simple sandals.

Digimon: Lady Devilmon becomes a fantastic statue of over 500 Dolari. What is the best creature that has ever existed in the Digimon world? Fans have put together a top 10.

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