On July 6, 2022, the body of franchise creator Kazuki Takahashi was found at sea off the coast of Nago in the Okinawa Archipelago. Yu-Gi-Oh and author of the manga of the same name, published on WSJ from 1996 to 2004. While awaiting information to clear up the incident, the magazine's editorial board delivered touching news.

there Disappearance of such an important figurethat has been able to give life to one of the most famous brands in the world, both thanks to the numerous animated realizations that have distorted the original idea, and above all for the lucky one Trading card game distributed by Konamiin constant expansion, was received with great sadness by many colleagues, authors, voice actors and of course fans.

Because of this, Shonen Jump, who the author has worked with for a long time, commented on his departure: β€œIt was an honor to have worked as Editor of Kazuki Takahashi for 20 yearsthat. We and the millions of fans are deeply saddened by the news and will miss the spirit, strength and incredible effort he put into telling his stories. The influence and legacy of Yu-Gi-Oh will last forever".

Finally, remember that the franchise will also continue to expand with new manga like Yu-Gi-Oh OCG Stories currently running on V-Jump.

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