After a crazy battle full of twists, Asta managed to defeat Lucifer. However, once the fight comes to an end, events take a turn that no one could have imagined. Evil lurks in the house. Here is the final antagonist of Black clover.

The saga of the heist in the Kingdom of Swords comes to an end with this Victory of the Magic Knights. Yami and Nacht were healed thanks to the intervention of Mimosa and Charmy. Yuno eventually meets his mother and is invited to the throne of the kingdom. Asta thanks Love for allowing him to relive Licita's memories. As Asta and Yuno still promise to be the next Magic Emperor, in Clover, the situation worsened. The Great Betrayal of Black Clover 331 starts the final saga of the manga.

Damnatio knocks on Emperor Julius' door to show him the results of his investigation. Apparently, Megicula isn't one of the top three devils, just a surrogate. He stands next to Lucifer and Beelzebub Astarothfrom which there has been no news for some time.

He is the Demon residing in the fourth and final Zogratis, whom we knew in Zeno's memories, and who controls the magic of time. Damnatio therefore lays his charge: the only human known to know how to use this time of magic is Julius himself.

At this point, when Adrammelech knocked on his window, Julius Novachrono lowers his mask. He is actually Lucius Zogratis, the host of Astaroth. After Damnatio is silenced, Lucius receives the Heart of Lucifer as a gift. Black Clover is going on a long hiatus and to know what's about to happen, readers will have to wait a full three months.

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