On the official franchise page of IDOLiSH7it was announced that the release of all anime compilation Blu-ray / DVD volumes IDOLiSH7: Second blow!, the second season of the project, will be delayed.

According to the new schedule, all seven Blu-ray / DVD volumes will be published monthly starting November 26th. The first volume was originally supposed to appear on August 27. In addition, the first six volumes will contain two episodes, and the seventh a total of three, fifteen episodes in this season.

In addition, the series stopped broadcasting new episodes in mid-April due to the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic and has only aired four episodes since its premiere on April 5. So far there has been no news about a gearbox return.

The first season premiered in January 2018 and had 17 episodes, the anime spin-off in turn IDOLiSH7 Vibrato Premiere as a series of shorts in February 2018.

Production team

  • Makoto Bessho (Shangri-La, Armitage: dual matrix) Is responsible for directing the anime in the studios TROYCA.
  • Ayumi Sekine (Makura no Danshi, Destiny / Grand Order: First Order) monitors the series scripts.
  • Kazumi Fukagawa (Inari Kon Kon, Animation director of GLASSLIP) adapt original cartoon characters Arina Tanemura.
  • Egg aoki (Destiny zero, Aldnoah.Zero) is accredited as a supervisor.

Synopsis of IDOLiSH7

A group of emerging idols gathers at Takanashi Productions and is entrusted with the future of the company. The seven men who have just met represent a large number of completely different personalities. However, they each have their own charm and unknown potential as idols. They form a group and together they take their first step as "IDOLiSH7". Her dance styles light up on the stage and start captivating people's hearts. In the glorious but sometimes hard world of idols, they strive upwards with dreams in their hearts.

Source: official page

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