At this point Dragon Ball is a popular phenomenon that is well known around the world. Its characters appear everywhere, all are very famous, and it is not surprising that a Serie A player was presented in Dragon Ball style. And always in connection with football there is a new anecdote to tell about the topic.

It took place in California Major League Game Finals, the United States championship of American football that pitted Los Angeles Football Club against the Philadelphia Union. However, at the Banc of California Stadium, a well-known figure among all Dragon Ball fans began to appear in the audience.

Slowly, the Saiyan's golden aura began to appear, then the black hair, and finally the face and the rest of the silhouette: Gogeta had appeared to cheer the match on. The choreography was presented by home team Los Angeles, they say "to symbolize the supernatural power" they possess. And it looks like it worked out in the end as LAFC beat Philadelphia Union on penalties.

The video below on Twitter went viral. It's obviously not the only fan using the characters from Dragon Ball great to express their support, as Paris Saint German has already done.

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