Manga Plus will be two. The legal and free Shueisha portal has long allowed you to read the first three and last three chapters of a manga, from the famous ones like ONE PIECE, My Hero Academia, Boruto and Dragon Ball Super to the latest news and growth Manga.

Manga Plus is initially available in English, to which Spanish and Thai have been added. It has been growing for months and is becoming increasingly important for manga fan readings. Obviously, the possibility of growth arises not only from the supply of available works, but also from the available languages. In fact, not everyone can read manga in English, which is why editor Momiyama announced a long time ago that he was considering adding new languages ​​to Manga Plus.

At the moment, platform editor Momiyama has drawn fans' attention to a new addition. After the three languages ​​are already available, Manga Plus will have an Indonesian versionIn this way, the more than 270 million people of the archipelago can enjoy this content in their native language.

Adding a new language can Bring new revenue to the applicationThis allows it to be expanded and gradually switched to less spoken languages ​​such as Italian.

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