Yoshihisa Hirano is a household name in the Japanese animation industry. The composer has worked for many productions that featured many high-level OSTs. Many will remember him for Death Note, others for the 2011 Hunter x Hunter TV series and supporting films Many will know thanks to EDENS ZERO.

A few days ago, Yoshihisa Hirano announced on his social networks that he was working on the sound mix for EDENS ZERO, the anime based on the manga of the same name by Hiro Mashima and currently being published in Weekly Shonen Magazine. Given the debut planned for April, me The work continues.

On January 30, 2021, Hirano announced via Twitter that he had completed work on the sound mix for EDENS ZEROFor the occasion, he was also photographed wearing a shirt that had a well-known Akira Kurosawa film, The Blood Throne, printed on it by Undercover. Below is the composer’s original tweet. Of course, this does not mean that work on the EDENS ZERO season is completely finished, as there are still a few months left until the debut.

In the meantime, a new trailer from EDENS ZERO is available that will bring us upside down to the USAAdventure between fantasy and sci-fi by Shiki and Rebecca.

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