The chaos wrought in Onigashima by the invasion of samurai and pirate forces shows no sign of stopping. Generals from both sides are still standing, and some haven't even been in the fight yet. But in the meantime, the big shots of this ONE PIECE saga are unleash their power on the roof of Onigashima.

The island that now floats in the sky after Kaido's intervention after the defeat of the Red Foders is always the scene of this battle that will forever shape the fate of the world of ONE PIECE. Who will win, Kaido and Big Mom or the new generation with the protagonist Luffy? We will certainly have to wait a few months to find out, but in the meantime the battle between the emperors and the young opponents continues.

In ONE PIECE 1002 we saw Luffy resist the attacks of Big Mom and Kaido and launch a powerful attack at the end of the chapter. Kong Gatling may have done new damage to the draconian emperor, but the thought always goes to what will happen next. ONE PIECE 1003 will arrive on MangaPlus on February 7th in English and Spanish, and there will certainly be more confrontations in the middle. In fact, there is no longer any room for pauses for reflection, and we just need to understand which characters Oda is going to leave the scene to.

The Mangaka could actually still concentrate on the protagonist and his groupand shows us how Kid, Law, Zoro and Killer recover from Big Mom's lightning attacks or present other battles. What will happen in ONE PIECE 1003?

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