Memes are an integral part of internet culture today. Based on scenes from films, TV series, but also from anime and manga, a new genre of comedy was born, which sometimes even leads to crossovers. Fans posted a crossover meme between Attack on Titan and Rick and Morty while something else is coming now.

There has been a sensation in the last few days GameStop questiontriggered by the battle between some hedge funds and a subreddit. To counteract the action of US funds, users gathered and tried to get a grip on the works of the major billionaire groups by buying stocks endlessly and raising the price.

This sparked a lot of media coverage of the event and caused a sensation and also the angry reaction of the managers of these large investment groups who risk losing hundreds of millions, if not billions. What does Attack of the Giants have to do with it? On another subreddit, Animemes, just a Meme from The Attack of the Giants describing these users' attack on Wall Street.

The user Lightning-in-my-Hand posted the image you can see below, taking advantage of the latest events in the anime, which practically reversed the situation compared to the first season. On the left, we see the first season poster of the Colossal Giant versus the hedge funds that contributed to the 2008 crisis and are causing problems for families of children around the world. On the right, however, the situation has been reversed: the now grown-up boys have plunged hedge funds into crisis in recent days. Think, that The attack of the giants managed to describe the situation well?

For a clearer idea of ​​what happened, we refer you to our in-depth study on the GameStop case.

Reddit keeps moving forward until Wall Street is destroyed by r / Animemes

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