The Phantom Brigade has moved in Hunter X Hunter. Nobunaga and the others avoided Luini, the Heil-Ly family's assassin who had misjudged them. At this point, the group led by Quoll Lucifer adds another objective to the list: not only will they kill Hisoka, but they will also defeat the Heil-Ly gangsters.

Meanwhile, Keni'i and Hinrigh are on the trail of the rival family and are still struggling with the Disappearance room. in the Hunter x Hunter 394, the Xi-Yu family's right hand throws a knife into the old man's leg, and he curls up on the ground screaming in pain. But this man is just a ghost doll that actually disappears after a few seconds. However, the room is still inaccessible, as evidenced by a soldier vanishing into thin air.

When Hinrigh and Keni'i leave, to a different area The soldier is quickly killed by the men of Heil-Ly pushing through the ranks. The group starts talking and receives new orders from Morena Prudo, who wants to get her hands on a soldier from Tserriednich to try and stay safe after betraying the Fourth Prince.

Fourth Prince, whose squad is on the move: A handful of soldiers are guarding some apartments. But these soldiers start talking, discussing the Nen and the situation, why Morena Prudo is acting and why Tserriednich didn't do anything to her who betrayed him. The subordinates appear to have a bond with the Fourth Prince, but their goal is also to survive. How will they behave in the next chapters of Hunter x Hunter?

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