There are souls who wrote history. Others, on the other hand, do it because it is still ongoing. Among them there is no doubt Pokemon, one of Japan's longest-running anime that has entertained many kids and teens for years. Despite the length of his journey, Ash Ketchum's adventure is not yet over.

But this journey still holds many joys for him. At the beginning of Pokémon Exploration, the boy, accompanied by Go, had reached the Galar region where he faced many very strong trainers. This also led to him fighting alongside all the other champions in the Pokémon League, and the ending was very sweet: Ash became champion. With Pikachu and the other Pokémon on his current team, he has driven his fans and friends crazy, but also the general public.

In Japan, of course, Pokémon is an absolute phenomenon. The anime is also very popular, and for this reason the huge monitors of Shibuya, one of the most important districts of Tokyo, where the famously busiest pedestrian crossing in the world is located, accurately transmitted the images of Ash's victory. In the photos available in the tweet below, you can see the entire crowd watching and appreciating the scene, a sign that the Ash's victory also goes a little beyond simple anime.

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