It has been three weeks since the DC Comics event of the year started and, finally, the US house has informed readers of the fate of Diana Prince. In the first volume of Future state: Immortal wonder womanLet's find out what happened to her at the end of Dark Nights: Death Metal.

Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman # 1 takes up the very end of Dark Nights: Death Metal, the story Diana Prince was in sacrificed to save the omniverse. ""In the distant future"As stated on the pages of the new DC Comics series, Diana makes her way to the Batcave and remembers a few moments in the company of Bruce Wayne.

So, although it doesn't explain how to do that, Wonder Woman is still alive and her immortality makes her one of the few heroines who are still on a planet in the process of destruction. However, Diana faces her Amazon sisters, who have an aggressive vision on Earth, as well as the imminent threat dictated by the return of Darkseid.

In search of revenge, the dangerous villain destroys Diana's race and the remains of Swamp Thing. Even the now aged Superman can hardly hold up a candle to him. But Wonder Woman promises the death of Swamp Thing it won't be in vain. References to riots and hunger games in the first volume of Future State: Catwoman. Kara Zor-El lost an important friend in DC Future State.

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