Dragon Ball Super: Earth and Universe 7 are in danger of being destroyed?

The battle between Goku and Molo is nearing its end, but Earth is still in serious danger. in the Dragon Ball Super A sensational twist could lead to the destruction of the entire universe 7.

When Molo was on the verge of defeat, Goku tried to redeem his opponent by offering him a senzu bean. But the antagonist, after accepting the offer, breaks the promise to the Saiyan and absorbs the energy that Merus left on the planet. The ingenuity committed by Goku could lead to that End of the Universe 7.

In Chapter 65 of Dragon Ball Super, Molo managed to master Ultra Instinct and went so far as to be able to merge with the planet earth equal. When Whis reveals what caused his naivete, Goku is literally in disbelief.

"We got there. In order to withstand the power of the angels, he turned the earth into his body. That means that the planet now shares Molo's fate.", Whis explains to the Z Warriors. "Killing Molo will also destroy Earth. And what's more, its energy will explode, potentially wiping out the entire galaxy."

Goku should have killed the wizard when he got the chance. L 'unconscious gesture what he committed could lead to the destruction of Universe 7. How will he resolve the situation? Vegeta's intervention could be crucial. According to the V-Jump preview, Chapter 66 of Dragon Ball Super will put an end to the clash.

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