The enterprise Takara Tomy posted a promotional video for the new franchise's original anime Cap Kakumei Bottleman. The video shows that the series will contain 25 episodes of five minutes each.

The premiere is planned for October 9th via the official YouTube channel of Takara Tomy. Also during the children's variety show TV Tokyo"Oha-Suta" will also feature the anime and new information about the franchise every Friday.

On the other hand, the toy line will be officially launched in Japan on October 24th. The articles have the opportunity to interact with a video game on the console Nintendo switchin six combat modes. The statement also revealed a promotional image for this project.


  • Mana Hirara like Kouta Kouka.
  • KNOW as Ryou Hokari.
  • Katsumi Fukuhara as Goemon Oui.
  • Ryouta Iwasaki as Hanta Minezaki.
  • Takaya Kuroda as Suezou Hokari.
  • Riko Matsui as Natsu Jajina.
  • Hikari Yuki like Momo Jajina.

Synopsis of Cap Kakumei Bottleman

The anime's story revolves around a boy named Kouta Kouka (this is an obvious play on words for the Coca-Cola brand). Kouta wants to become the best Bottle King player in the world and continue to take part in Bottle Battles in the virtual world, Drink World. At some point, Kouka meets his partner Colamaru and the two begin to get involved in matches in order to climb up together.

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