From Chapter 88 of the Dragon Ball great The author Toyotaro wanted to put two characters at the center of the story, which have become almost incidental. Goten and Trunks have decided to play the role of superheroes and find themselves opposed to the creations of Dr. Hedo again. Let's see how the story ended with Chapter 90 available on MangaPlus.

Justified "against dr hedo' and introduced by a color panel depicting the two protagonists, their companions and enemies in the background, the chapter begins with Krillin's research to track down some criminals. Meanwhile, Goten goes to school as he does every morning, and shortly after boarding the school bus, it is stopped by an eccentric Elvis-like android. It's about beta 7, slightly rejected by Saiyaman X-2.

Trunks is invited by Mai to a party where Clean God, the superhero who inspired him and Goten, will also be present. also dr Hedo finds out about the event and decides to use it to his advantage Recover the data disk stolen by TrunkS. While the party is underway, Kuririn arrives with some of his fellow cops and explains the arrest of Dr. hedo.

The antagonist is able to flee but is easily reached by Krillin and the two Saiyans. Arriving at a department store outside of town, Goten and Trunks must contend with an android in the shape of a dinosaur. Thanks to Transformation into Super Saiyan The two manage to stop Hedo's best creation and send him to prison.

Even behind bars, Hedo will continue to think of new and powerful creations thanks to which he can escape. The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero prequel saga really ended with chapter 90 of the manga.

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