The concluding tables of Chapter 77 of the Boruto They marked a point of no return in the events of Konoha. Kawaki has made an extremely important decision that could change the fate of the entire Uzumaki family. Chapter 78 of the series, available now on MangaPlus, begins with an entire village in turmoil.

A color chart entirely dedicated to Naruto leads the readers to the chapter titled "great idiot' which begins with Shikamaru being very concerned about the disappearance of Naruto's and Hinata's chakra. Heading home to find out more, Boruto is pursued by Sarada Uchiha and intercepted by Kawaki right over his father's stone face. The boy explains to the protagonist that he has it trapped Naruto and Hinata in one dimension where they cannot die or grow old, and attack immediately.

Seeing his companion in danger, young Uchiha intervenes, only to find himself the target of a powerful attack. Only Boruto's timely intervention can save her, but it causes the deep scar on her right eye that was already visible in the first flashforward. Luckily, the three are accompanied by Shikamaru and other shinobi, including sasukewho threatens to cut Kawaki's throat, orders the end of the fight.

Meanwhile, Boruto still seems able to open his right eye, where the Jougan seems to be constantly active. However, Momoshiki intervenes and allows Kawaki to escape, just to be able to collide in the future. The Otsutsuki then manifests in front of Boruto, telling him that this is just the beginning of the loss of everything dear to him.

Finally, we leave you some fan art of Sarada Uchiha as an adult.

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